Wilemon has three makerspace areas that were generously funded by a grant from the Dart Foundation - Tinker Studio, REC Room, and Design Den. Two additional makerspace areas include Creation Station and the LEGO Wall. These unique learning spaces create opportunities for students to extend their learning outside of the classroom. 

boy pointing to turkey created on a lego wall
LEGO Wall: This makerspace consists of a wall where students can design, create, and explore using LEGO bricks. 
students working on a board together
REC Room: The Robotics/Engineering/Coding room is a unique space for students to explore coding and robotics. Students utilize Spheros, Dash and Dot robots, Code and Go Mouse, Little Bits, etc. to extend their learning.
2 girls & a boy building with blocks & tubes
Tinker Studio: This is a building makerspace that includes various materials that students can use to construct and design. For example, Lincoln Logs, Lite Brite, Straw Constructor, etc. 
girl posing beside watercolor painting
Creation Station: This art makerspace allows students to explore and demonstrate their learning through a variety of mediums. For example, students may use paint, Play-Doh, or an Etch A Sketch.
2 boys working with robotic hand
Design Den: This makerspace area includes a large collaborative space for students to design and build using various materials. For example, students may utilize K'Nex or Keva Planks. Students also have access to raw materials, such as cardboard, straws, and other recycled materials to make their own creations.