Vision and Mission Statements

Wilemon STEAM Academy equips and empowers students to embrace a growth mindset through critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication to positively impact their world.
  • Wilemon will create an innovative learning environment in which students thrive, using critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration to solve real-world problems and promote career awareness.
  • through a focus on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, students will use the Engineering Design Process (Define the Problem, Plan Solution, Make a Prototype, Test the Prototype, and Reflet and Redesign) to engage in project-based learning which will enrich their understanding or mastering the state standards.
  • Wilemon will embrace that failure is a "First Attempt In Learning," a growth mindset, and that "the power or YET" will create personal resiliency to enhance our success.
  • Wilemon staff will encourage and guide students to find their inner passion through exploration, inquiry, and real-world experiences.
  • Wilemon staff and students will invest in communities through partnerships, and giving of our time, talents, and resources to create global footprints and become responsible citizens.